ALPolish, a century of precision polishing machine development

All manufacturing sectors need polishing machines that meet their quality and productivity needs. With a century of family experience and success in China in its wake, ALPolish provides its customers with small, precision, versatile and reliable double-sided machines. As a service and innovative machine company, ALPolish supports its customers in all operational aspects.

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Expert and innovative polishing

ALPolish puts quality and efficiency at the heart of its services. With precise, versatile and reliable polishing machines, you benefit from a tailor-made production tool.


ALPolish polishing machines are lighter than those usually found on the market. Innovative and aiming for excellence, not overproduction which leads to non-quality, their design allows for greater precision with the same productivity.


Simplicity is one of the main qualities of ALPolish machines. They are easily adaptable to a wide variety of applications in different sectors. The wide range of options makes them ideal for use in both research laboratories and 3-shift workshops.


The design of the ALPolish machines results in constant smooth operation and less maintenance due to their adapted architecture. This makes them more reliable and therefore guaranteed for life via a maintenance contract.

About ALPolish


A family expertise

The history of ALPolish begins in 1901 in Paris, with the creation of a company manufacturing polishing machines for precision optics. It became a family business in the 1950s, and later a world-renowned company, partly bequeathed to Benjamin Silvestre. In 1990, a second entity was created, specialized in polishing subcontracting and the development of polishing processes.

The activity develops abroad, leading to the creation of subsidiaries in Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, China with Somtec-cn, and in France with Surfaces Technologies. Following the crisis of 2008, the judicial liquidation of the parent company takes place a few years later. Surfaces Technologies is then managed by Maud Silvestre in the subcontracting sector and the development of polishing processes, and Somtec-cn by Benjamin Silvestre in the machine manufacturing sector. After 6 years spent in China, where he was very successful with the quality of his machines, he returns to Europe with ALPolish. Proud of its history and its roots, ALPolish will bring to the companies of the continent proven, safe and efficient production tools. For this purpose, a test and exhibition room will open soon in Chambéry.

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Explore our application fields

High precision polishing for medical applications


For all your prosthesis and implant finishes, ALPolish machines deliver the perfect polish, ensuring the quality of your products. The polishing processes used on our machines ensure easier cleaning, which offers a better quality of the treated components.

High precision polishing for the optical industry


Enjoy extreme precision in crystal polishing thanks to the design and expertise of ALPolish machines.

High precision polishing for the mechanical industry


The production of all your mechanical parts, in the automotive, aeronautical, space sector, etc. becomes more efficient with a polishing of ALPolish machines.

High precision polishing for the laser industry


The laser market has been growing rapidly in recent years, and the use of dual plate machines is increasing. ALPolish will allow you to solve your problems of parallelism and surface finish, while considerably increasing your productivity.

Our machines

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With its range of precision polishing machines, ALPolish provides its customers with a production tool that meets all their expectations

Our machines

Innovation and development

Several innovations are being studied in order to develop the double platen machines. Two axes are clearly defined in order to achieve new characterisations for ever finer polishing:

  • The first one is a PGV polishing (High Speed Polishing)
  • The second is a polishing type PL (Lambda Polishing).

Several ongoing developments will increase the catalogue offer:

  • The DS280 for small series;
  • And the DS2100 for the semiconductor market.
  • A single plate 3-axis/multi-head machine is also under study for semiconductors.

Do you need a custom machine? We develop and adapt our offer to your needs